5 Tips on the Best Way to Clean Wood Floors

Here are top 5 tips on the best way to clean wood floors :-

1. The most convenient as well as efficient cleaning method for hardwood floors includes dust removal using vacuum cleaner and damp mopping. It usually works for your daily maintenance purposes and in cases where you need to remove spillage and stains which are not too stubborn. Make sure the mop is only just ‘damp’ and not spilling water since wooden floors don’t tend to react too well to water or to the idea of water washing wood floors. If you wish to learn how to mop hard wood floors- use a mop which is soft and gentle on the floor.

2. However, in cases where you need to deal with strong stains, you might want to consider the wooden floor cleaning tips of using bit of alcohol or alcohol containing products for stain removal. Rub the floor with fine steel wool, and a few drops of alcohol to get the stain out. Once done with stain removal, pamper your floor a bit with polishing followed by buffing.

3. For scuff marks, you could also safely use baking soda and rub it with soft sponge to get rid of the stain.

4. Another great wooden floor cleaning option that usually works is the usage of a cleaning agent that has neutral pH property. You can try using chemical based ready made products to clean wood floors, or you can even try something more natural like vinegar. Vinegar is highly recommended if you are looking for something that is not too pricy and reasonably effective for cleaning purposes. However, stay warned of the fact that vinegar is not exactly the best option if you need to clean stains which are greasy.

5. For the purpose of weekly maintenance and regular caring for hardwood flooring, polishing or wax mopping is the best choice. For more dull looking floors, buffing with the floor wax should work. The process is time consuming and a lot of hard work, but your efforts will be worth it. Though it is mostly quite safe, make sure you not over do waxing and buffing.

Cleaning wood floors can often turn into a rather tough job, and it only gets worse as the floor ages with time and develops more and more of those annoying marks and stains. The best thing to do is to keep the floor carpeted and protected and clean it up immediately as soon as spillage, staining etc occurs. Cracks should be healed well in time so that they do not spread further. Also, keep in mind the above mentioned 5 tips on the best way to clean wood floors and use them according to your floor finish and suitability, to make sure your floors look brand new forever!

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