Are You A Property Flipper or Keeper?

Everybody wants to get into the property game – either as a flipper or a keeper. If you not familiar with the terms, a “flipper” is a property investor who buys properties for the sole purpose of turning a quick resale profit, usually within a year. But a “keeper” is a buyer who holds the property for at least a year.

The comparison table below outlines the differences between a flipper and a keeper:

However, there are also those who have a foot in both camps by employing both strategies for different types of property – depending on their investment personality, investment goals and/or opportunities presented by the existing market.

The determination of what type of property buyer you are depends on your objectives. If you veer more towards property keeper, with a good strategy in place, it is possible that rental income can be the highest monthly wage you will ever earn.

However, when a property flipper stumbles onto a good deal, it can be the fastest way to recover their investment and earn a profit – allowing them to use that cash to buy more properties.

The bottom line is, set your objectives (steady monthly income or a one-time quick profit) and decide on your strategy before choosing the right type of properties.

So, which type of property buyer are you – keeper or flipper?

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