Are You A Property Flipper or Keeper?

Malaysia Property Investment

Everybody wants to get into the property game – either as a flipper or a keeper. If you not familiar with the terms, a “flipper” is a property investor who buys properties for the sole purpose of turning a quick resale profit, usually within a year. But a “keeper” is a buyer who holds the property for at least a year. The comparison … [Read more...]

Denai Alam eBoulevard 2 & 3 Storey Shop-Offices (Phase 1) Sold Out!

Denai Alam e.Boulevard Shop Artist Impression

Latest News : Denai Alam eBoulevard Phase 1, 2 and 3 (159 units) will be handed over soon. To all the reputable retailers either foods or beverage, banks or corporate entities who wish to open a new retail chains or corporate offices here. Please take an immediate action, you can select the best strategic lots at a good bargain sale price or a very … [Read more...]

How to Negotiate for a Best Property Price

Buy and Sell House

When home buyer find the house that they want to buy, it is very common that they try and get the home seller to reduce the house selling price. This is something that the seller expects. There are things that you can do to help you negotiate the best deal for the dream home you wish to own. Follow these 4 simple tips to get your ideal home at … [Read more...]

How Real Estate Investors Find Motivated Home Sellers

Motivated Home Seller

Those who invest in real estate are keen to find motivated sellers of any kind. It is not easy to make a profit if you buy regularly in the property market at market value. The motivated sellers will see that you are able to buy units at below the market value with very little down payment, if possible. Who is a motivated seller? Someone who … [Read more...]

Buying a Property at Auction – Buyer Beware These 4 Pitfalls

Property Sold by Auction

Purchasing an auctioned property below the market value could be a very profitable offer, but buyers who bid these properties must be aware the problems waiting for them. It isn't very difficult to make a terrible mistake, so beware! Here are the main 4 pitfalls to think about when buying a property at auction. First Pitfall – Buy Property … [Read more...]