Basic Term VS Semi-Flexi VS Full-Flexi Home Loans

Malaysia Home Loan Options - Basic Term, Semi Flexi and Full Flexi Loans

When seeking a home loan to finance a property, ascertaining the type of loan you want is one of the first and most important questions you have to ask yourself. In Malaysia, that usually means choosing from one of the three major categories of home loans: Basic Term, Semi-Flexi or Full-Flexi. If you’re relatively inexperienced in home loan … [Read more...]

Will Changing Jobs Affect Our Mortgage Application?

Time To Decide

While changing jobs hardly any of us give due consideration to how changing jobs can affect on buying a home. Although a large majority may remain unaffected by changing jobs in this respect, some will feel the pinch as their home loan applications may not qualify due to changing jobs. Amongst salaried employees, if you do not earn additional … [Read more...]

What Happens When Purchase Price Higher Than Appraised Value?

Home Appraisal

With the fact that the properties prices in Malaysia have gone up for the last few year, I foresee the property price for medium range housing below RM1.0 Million is still performing good this year due to shortage of supply, this sound good sign to home sellers, but for house buyers do not have large cash reserves may face biggest challenge on … [Read more...]