8 Mistakes Sellers Make When Choosing a Real Estate Agent

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Selling a home is a simple enough process. Yet, novice and sometimes even veteran sellers; lose out on money owing to rash emotional decisions or impulsive oversights. To avoid such errors, it’s prudent to hire a real estate agent with enough field knowledge to be able to market and sell your house seamlessly. “I’ll hire the agent with the … [Read more...]

Reason Why You Should Never Set a High Property Sale Price

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The current scenario in the estate market is a very precarious one. There is cut-throat competition amongst the myriad house sellers while the buyers are fewer. Hence, the importance of right affixation of sale price cannot be undermined. However, this is an intriguing issue and a number of prospective property sellers (especially the first-timers) … [Read more...]

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

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The job of the real estate agent is quite simple, to ensure that the seller gets the best possible price for the property being sold. There are thousands of real estate agents joined in this highly competitive industry, some less scrupulous agents may well resort to underhand business practices in an attempt to gain your trust and custom. So … [Read more...]

6 Main Problems Your Home May Turn Buyers Off

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Potential home buyers are much more likely to return to a home that impresses them at first impression, while homes that appear disorderly or poorly maintained barely sustain house buyer interest. Here are the 6 main issues your house may turn buyers off :- Home Odors - Because homeowners become desensitized to the odors in their homes, … [Read more...]