Divorce and Home Ownership Guide

Divorce is seldom easy and often involves a lot of difficult and emotional decisions, one example of which can be what to do about the marital home.

Quite often there are both emotional and financial concerns involved so a crystal-clear plan of action will undoubtedly be needed.

You first need to know exactly how the divorce will change your financial situation. How will your mortgage and taxes be affected and will you be able to sustain the necessary payments?

Apart from the financial side of things, it’s likely that your decision as to whether or not to keep your home will be based upon your own emotional situation. Maybe the memories are too bitter and you need to make a new start in a new home? Or perhaps you feel you’ve worked hard for your home and are determined to stay?

Only you will have the answers but it’s highly probable that whatever choice you make, your budget will need to be entirely restructured.

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