Interior Kitchen Design Ideas For First Time Home Buyers

For those who have never owned their own home before, it’s useful to have some practical kitchen design ideas for first time home buyers. Knowing what to look for when buying a first property can often be daunting and worrying, especially as one of the most important areas of any property is the kitchen. It’s for this reason that I’m offering you my kitchen design ideas.

The kitchen, you see, if both the most difficult and the most expensive room in the house to change. It stands to reason then that the most important home buying advice is to buy a home that has a kitchen design that is as close as possible to your own requirements. Things you should consider when viewing a property are:

  • Is there enough kitchen cabinet space?
  • Does the refrigerator, hob/oven and sink have a practical triangular layout?
  • Is there enough room for a table large enough to seat your family?
  • Are there enough electrical points?
  • Is there enough work counter space?
  • Is there plenty of illumination?
  • Is it easy to keep clean?

Good kitchen design isn’t only about the layout of the kitchen but also about the quality, so when viewing a potential new home it’s always a good idea to consider whether the kitchen is a quality kitchen. Remember that your new kitchen will have to take a lot of wear and tear. The cabinets will be opened hundreds, if not thousands of times and they’ll also have to bear the weight of the crockery, pans and other utensils that you’ll need to store. If the kitchen units are cheap and shoddy, it’s unlikely to be long before you’ll need to replace them – a considerable expense that could otherwise have been avoided by adhering to basic home buying advice.

When viewing a property, never be afraid of opening kitchen cabinet doors and drawers as this is the only way to really test the quality of the kitchen units. Do the cabinet doors and drawers open smoothly? What are the ‘boxes’ made from? Anybody offering home buying advice will say that real wood cabinets are to be preferred but plywood is an acceptable alternative. If possible, avoid particle board as this is prone to sag under weight. The thickness of the cabinet sides and shelves is also important when considering practical kitchen design – the thicker the better. One kitchen design idea to bear in mind is that kitchen cabinets without backs are more likely to attract bugs and vermin.

Open kitchen drawers and test whether they stop before they exit the cabinet. This is especially important if you have young children as drawers that come out of the cabinet are prone to having their contents spilled. This can, of course, be very dangerous.

Obviously, no matter what kitchen design ideas you have, you’ll never find an existing kitchen that’s exactly how you would have designed it yourself and some things will be easier to change than others. The colours of the walls, the flooring, the ceiling lights and similar are all relatively simple to change to match your own style but by following these practical kitchen design ideas for first time home buyers, you can be sure that you’ll be living in a home that has a kitchen that won’t need expensive replacements in the near future.

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